Edmund Amoye, Podcast Host

We start off season 7 with Edmund Amoye, the host of the CodeLess podcast. Edmund shows us his base to manage discussion topics for weekly meetups.

Welcome to BuiltOnAir, a podcast and video series about all things Airtable. Each episode, we talk with someone active in the Airtable community to discuss their experiences and showcase an interesting way they’ve used Airtable in their work.

Today we speak with Edmund Amoye, the host of low-code centric podcast “CodeLess”. CodeLess explores how people use no-code and low-code solutions in their businesses and everyday lives in the form of excellent interviews conducted by Edmund himself. We explore how he became a figure in the no-code space, as well as discuss the meetup he started called "I Want This to Exist,” where members share products and solutions they would find invaluable but, as the title suggests, do not yet seem to exist. For the today’s demo, Edmund shares his base designed to manage discussion topics for weekly meetups. With the aide of Airtable’s simple forms capabilities, Edmund put together a base to collect routine entry from multiple members that makes every meeting just that much more streamlined.

View the video demo from this episode

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