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Chris Dancy, The Most Connected Man on Earth

Today on the podcast, we chat with Chris Dancy. Chris demos his Covid-19 Neighborhood Base, as well as his “Life Stack”.

Kuovonne Vorderbruggen, Airtable Hobbyist

In this episode, we’re joined by Kuovonne Vorderbruggen, who discusses with us her journey from teaching herself coding to ultimately producing multiple scripts recognized by Airtable and the Airtable Community for their merit.

Bill French, Technology Innovator & Entrepreneur

On today’s episode, we speak with Bill French: technology innovator and entrepreneur. Bill shows us a few scripts he has written for the new block, complete with many tips and tricks.

Gabe Caldwell, Formstack Director

On today’s episode, we speak with Gabe Caldwell - Director of Partnerships at Formstack. Gabe walks us through how easy it is to create documents from your Airtable records with the Formstack Documents Block.

Elias Gomez, Tech & Wordpress Developer (Spanish)

In this episode, we explore Airtable in Spanish. We are joined by Elias Gomez, from Bilbao Spain. He is a technology and Wordpress developer as well as a DJ.

Hannah Wiginton, Communications and Grants Director

In this episode, we chat with Hannah Wiginton of Abilene, Texas, the Communications and Grants Director for New Horizons, a non-profit organization for foster families.

Christine Prefontaine, Innovation Executive

In this episode, we’re joined by Christine Prefontaine, the co-founder of Loup Design & Innovation and co-inventor of Christine walks us through their CRM base.

Victor Feliciano, Jack of All Trades

In today’s episode, we speak with Victor Feliciano, a true jack of all trades with expertise in Operations Management. The Base Victor shares with us today is his Customers and Subscription Tracker, where he has expertly made use of junction tables to accurately track his subscriptions and the versions and rates of each.

Chris Ortolano, Community Organizer

In this episode, we talk to Chris Ortolano of MilwaukieRIP, a community outreach organization that works with urban planners and other community members on land use and transportation planning efforts.

Cherry Yang, Automation Pro and Developer

Our guest on the podcast today is Cherry Yang, automation pro and developer. Cherry started using Airtable while working in an operations role, and quickly saw its potential. After putting together her first base, a product information database, the entire company was using it.

Ambroise Dhenain, Cofounder of Unly

Today on the podcast we travel to France to chat with Ambroise Dhenain: start-up cofounder, CTO, developer, and more. Ambroise and the team at Unly released an open source software for managing Airtable backups.

Abdul Alzanki, Software Engineer

In this episode, we talk to Abdul Alzanki, a mobile app developer at Khan Academy hailing from the Bay Area who has developed a series of no-code feature extensions for Airtable called miniExtensions.

Abby Spyker, Co-Founder & CEO of Northwest Media Collective

In today’s episode, we speak with Abby Spyker: Co-Founder and CEO of Northwest Media Collective. Abby shares a few sample bases that truly demonstrate the versatility of Airtable.

Jordan Walker, Founder of YAC Chat

In today’s episode, we speak with Jordan Walker; product designer and start-up founder of an exciting new app, YAC Chat. Jordan shares with us a sample of his development hours tracker, where he can track task assignments and the time spent for each.

Jonathan Shyman, Web Designer and Life Coach

In this episode, we talk to Jonathan Shyman, a web designer and life coach. Jonathan walks us through his prototype Airtable base that tracks the progress his life coaching clients make across their sessions.

Karl Hughes, Start-up Enthusiast & Software Engineer

Karl Hughes is a start-up enthusiast and software engineer and the creator of CFP Land. CFP, Call For Proposal, helps manage and keep track of speakers and conferences worldwide. Karl walks us through the backend of CFP he has set up using airtable.

Andrew Poon - Tech Guru & Software Engineer

Andrew is a co-founder of Clockworks a company focused on making complex approvals easy to set up and manage.