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BuiltOnAir Podcast: S08-E04

BuiltOnAir Podcast is the live variety show all about Airtable. This weeks segments: Round The Bases, Scripting Time, Field Focus, Air Chefs

BuiltOnAir Podcast: S08-E03

BuiltOnAir Podcast is the live variety show all about Airtable. This weeks segments: Round The Bases, Meet the Experts, Automate Create, Audience Questions

S08-E02 Live Show (05/11/21)

The live show for 05/11/21. Our variety show covers 4 segments to help you improve your Airtable. Check us out at BuiltOnAir.com

S08-E01 - The Live Show (First Episode)

BuiltOnAir Podcast is now live. Join us on YouTube every Tuesday at 11am Eastern (https://builtonair.com/live) Each week, we will do 4 live segments of our new variety show format.

Mariam Hakobyan, Product Engineer

In this episode Mariam Hakobyan gives us a deep dive into Softr.io, a platform for creating customized front-end solutions powered by Airtable.

Benjamin Green, Optimize IS

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Benjamin Green - Systems Integrator, Youtuber, Airtable Consultant, and co-host for the Clubhouse weekly meetup, “Optimizing your Business and Life”.

Rupert Hoffschmidt, Founder of ROY Kombucha

On today’s episode, we speak with Rupert Hoffschmidt, founder of ROY Kombucha! The base Rupert demos for us today is his B2B Order Tracking Base - where he tracks orders placed from grocers, offices and other businesses.

Chuck Beckett & Jar Turner, WFHB Community Radio

In this episode we talk with Chuck Beckett and Jar Turner of WFHB Community Radio. When Covid hit they had to limit studio access so they used Airtable to sync their calendar to several different bases, and securely share these bases.

Carri Craver, Digital Product Builder

In this episode Carri Craver walks us through the Covid-19 vaccine distribution center search tool she built powered by Airtable and Webflow.

Andy Cloke, Creator of Data Fetcher

In this episode Andy Cloke joins us to show off his excellent Airtable app, Data Fetcher. Andy talks about the development process for such a useful app and all the challenges it came with, such as making a wide-release app flexible enough to work for most users.

Tanay Pant, Head of Developer Relations

On today’s episode, we speak with Tanay Pant - author, speaker, educator and head of developer relations at n8n - an up and coming automation platform that can connect Airtable to hundreds of other apps, and boasts features that Zapier and Integromat lovers will no doubt find impressive.

Eric Goldman & Anthony Accomazzo, Co-Founders of Sync Inc

In this week's episode we meet with Eric Goldman & Anthony Accomazzo. They demo their product Sync Inc, which lets users sync their Airtable base to a Postgres database to permit querying data using SQL.

Paul Matsushima, Operations Specialist

In this episode we’re joined by cultural advocate, author, and operations specialist, Paul Matsushima. Paul showcases two bases for us, the first being a ledger to track annual financial transactions and the second base being a CRM to track contacts, campaigns, and communications.

William Porter, Writer and Photographer

On today’s episode, we speak with William Porter, owner and principal developer of Rucksack Technology, writer, and photographer. His knowledge of database development makes for a great conversation about the pros and cons of Airtable’s interface and inner-workings.

Jen Rudd, Cross-Platform Automation Expert

In this episode we talk with Jen Rudd. Jen specializes in automating repetitive processes and integrating software and platforms.

Edmund Amoye, Podcast Host

We start off season 7 with Edmund Amoye, the host of the CodeLess podcast. Edmund shows us his base to manage discussion topics for weekly meetups.

Mike San Marzano: Creator of Airconnex

Today's episode we are joined by Mike San Marzano the creator of Airconnex. Mike gives us a demo of the product and how it creates websites run on a single Airtable base.

Matthew Baggetta: Marketing lead and content strategist

This week's episode we have the pleasure of hearing from Matthew Baggetta. Matthew works in marketing and has his own meditation training program. He also shows us his Content Asset Tracker base.

Chris Guthrie, E-Commerce Expert

This week we are joined by Chris Guthrie, a E-commerce expert. Along with having his own products on amazon, he also helps other sellers grow their business with Airtable and automation.

Shae Redding - Rogers, Architectural Photographer

In this episode we speak with Shae Redding - Rogers, an architectural photographer. We talk about formulas to help automate bases more.

Lisa-Marie Pierre, Ascend NYC Program Manager

Lisa-Marie Pierre, a program manager for Ascend NYC shows us how Airtable helped her program during Covid-19. She also explains her idea tracking base.

Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate

In this episode we’re joined by Nicolas Grenié, a developer advocate at Typeform. Nicolas tells us about his custom Shipping block and the customs blocks made by Typeform.

Jennifer Selke, Director of Veteran Programs and Campus Outcomes

In this episode we talk to Jennifer Selke, Director of Veteran Programs and Campus Outcomes at Camp Southern Ground, an incredible non-profit which operates as both a summer camp for kids, and a year-round resource center for veterans. Jennifer was able to put together a simple one-table base to curate a list of 100+ resources for military veterans.

Aron Korenblit, Airtable Education Team

Today's episode is with Aron Korenblit from the Education team at Airtable. Aron talks with us today about the exciting release of the Airtable Platform.

Brian Swichkow, Founding Citizen at One Inc Cooperative

In this episode we’re joined by Brian Switchkow, a founding citizen at One Inc Cooperative. One Inc operates as a member-owned, member-controlled virtual economy dedicated to fostering a supportive ecosystem of creatives, entrepreneurs, and investors. Brian’s two Airtable bases have a number of fields, views and tables that it allows citizens to interact with clean, simple interfaces.

Jason Humphrey, Developer and Career Coach

Jason is the founder of Coding Career Fastlane, an online community focused on improving developers’ skill sets by offering personalized feedback and creative approaches to handling a job search. He shares two bases with us today, both of which are part Coding Career Fastlane’s 10-Day Job Hunt Challenge.

Jérémy Chevallier: designer and marketer

Jérémy shows us the base that he credits with helping his business, PubLoft, get to $24,000 a month in revenue in just seven months. Today, Jérémy is working on projects such as Crash.Co, a job-hunting site with a personalized twist, and GigLoft, which teaches freelancers how to run their own business.

Dan Fellars, Founder of Openside

In this episode, Dan Fellars returns to give us a deep-dive into some newer products offered by his company, Openside. Dan showcases On2Air Schemas, which allows users to track every bit of metadata associated with a particular base over time.

Andy Wingrave, Automation & Airtable Enthusiast

In today’s episode, we speak with Andy Wingrave: Automation and Airtable enthusiast. Andy shares a few projects with us including his Music Finder Base.

Veronica Picciafuoco, No-Code App Developer

In this episode, we chat with Veronica Picciafuoco of 8020.inc, an agency that helps businesses move faster without code. Veronica shares a base made to help a friend keep track of her horse training business.

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