Aron Korenblit, Airtable Education Team

Today's episode is with Aron Korenblit from the Education team at Airtable. Aron talks with us today about the exciting release of the Airtable Platform.

Hello BuiltOnAir listeners! We’ve got a great show for you this week. On today’s episode, we speak with Aron Korenblit from the Education team at Airtable itself. You may recognize him from twitter, the Airtable forum, Airtable webinars, and his livestream videos; in which he teaches users how to get the most out of the powerful tool we know and love.

Aron talks with us today about the exciting release of the Airtable Platform, which launched this week (at the time of this recording). The launch focused on three pillars, Airtable Automations, Airtable Sync, and the Airtable Marketplace, each filled with tons of new features and possibilities.

Airtable Automations, which has been around for the last couple of months, has received a slew of new possible actions, including new integration options with external apps, and two new triggers. Airtable Sync is an answer to a long-awaited feature request, allowing one-way, cross-base sync. Finally, the Airtable Marketplace is the new home for Airtable Blocks (now called Apps), and includes custom apps built by users - such as the Scheduler app by our very own Kamille Parks!

Today, Aron shows off what the Airtable Platform can do by demoing these new features for us. If you haven’t had a chance to try out the new features yet, this episode is a great place to start! Check out the show notes for more about the Airtable Platform, links to upcoming Webinars, and Aron’s livestreams.

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