Andrew Poon - Tech Guru & Software Engineer

Andrew is a co-founder of Clockworks a company focused on making complex approvals easy to set up and manage.

Welcome to BuiltOnAir, a podcast and video series about all things Airtable. Each episode, we talk with someone active in the Airtable community to discuss their experiences and showcase an interesting way they’ve used Airtable in their work.

In today’s episode, I speak with Andrew Poon: tech guru and software engineer. Andrew started his career at Google, working on projects like AdWords and Google Shopping, before becoming VP of Product at Yahoo, and eventually heading out on his own to start his own company. Andrew is now co-founder of Clockworks a company focused on making complex approvals easy to set up and manage.

After noticing a trend in software as a service, Andrew put on his thinking cap and set out to create a platform to put the power of software in the hands of the consumer, and Airtable seemed to be the perfect place to start. He recently launched Clockworks Approvals for Airtable; an easy to use plug-in that allows you to configure detailed approval flows for anything from digital or print assets to wholesale products. In conjunction with the release, he also published three bases to the Airtable Universe which demonstrate how powerful Clockworks can be.

In today’s episode, Andrew demos Clockworks’ Approval system for us. After the initial set-up, a formulated link is added to your Airtable base. Upon clicking the link, the user can send emails directly from their base to the people who need to approve the items in question. Clockworks tracks all activity in a beautifully simple interface; allowing you to see the history of approvals, denials, and comments.

More information on Clockworks here.

Universe Bases:

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