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Elias Gomez, Tech & Wordpress Developer (Spanish)

In this episode, we explore Airtable in Spanish. We are joined by Elias Gomez, from Bilbao Spain. He is a technology and Wordpress developer as well as a DJ.

Hannah Wiginton, Communications and Grants Director

In this episode, we chat with Hannah Wiginton of Abilene, Texas, the Communications and Grants Director for New Horizons, a non-profit organization for foster families.

Christine Prefontaine, Innovation Executive

In this episode, we’re joined by Christine Prefontaine, the co-founder of Loup Design & Innovation and co-inventor of StoryEngine.io. Christine walks us through their CRM base.

Victor Feliciano, Jack of All Trades

In today’s episode, we speak with Victor Feliciano, a true jack of all trades with expertise in Operations Management. The Base Victor shares with us today is his Customers and Subscription Tracker, where he has expertly made use of junction tables to accurately track his subscriptions and the versions and rates of each.

Chris Ortolano, Community Organizer

In this episode, we talk to Chris Ortolano of MilwaukieRIP, a community outreach organization that works with urban planners and other community members on land use and transportation planning efforts.

Cherry Yang, Automation Pro and Developer

Our guest on the podcast today is Cherry Yang, automation pro and developer. Cherry started using Airtable while working in an operations role, and quickly saw its potential. After putting together her first base, a product information database, the entire company was using it.

Ambroise Dhenain, Cofounder of Unly

Today on the podcast we travel to France to chat with Ambroise Dhenain: start-up cofounder, CTO, developer, and more. Ambroise and the team at Unly released an open source software for managing Airtable backups.

Abdul Alzanki, Software Engineer

In this episode, we talk to Abdul Alzanki, a mobile app developer at Khan Academy hailing from the Bay Area who has developed a series of no-code feature extensions for Airtable called miniExtensions.

Abby Spyker, Co-Founder & CEO of Northwest Media Collective

In today’s episode, we speak with Abby Spyker: Co-Founder and CEO of Northwest Media Collective. Abby shares a few sample bases that truly demonstrate the versatility of Airtable.

Jordan Walker, Founder of YAC Chat

In today’s episode, we speak with Jordan Walker; product designer and start-up founder of an exciting new app, YAC Chat. Jordan shares with us a sample of his development hours tracker, where he can track task assignments and the time spent for each.

Jonathan Shyman, Web Designer and Life Coach

In this episode, we talk to Jonathan Shyman, a web designer and life coach. Jonathan walks us through his prototype Airtable base that tracks the progress his life coaching clients make across their sessions.

Karl Hughes, Start-up Enthusiast & Software Engineer

Karl Hughes is a start-up enthusiast and software engineer and the creator of CFP Land. CFP, Call For Proposal, helps manage and keep track of speakers and conferences worldwide. Karl walks us through the backend of CFP he has set up using airtable.

Andrew Poon - Tech Guru & Software Engineer

Andrew is a co-founder of Clockworks a company focused on making complex approvals easy to set up and manage.

Tobi Troendle, Strategy Consultant

Today, we travel to Germany to chat with Tobi Troendle; a strategy consultant and business developer. After discovering Airtable, Tobi wanted to spread the word across Europe and help others to harness the power that it can provide. So, he set to work and created The Airtable Academy.

Jeremy Taylor, Machinist & Programmer

In this episode, we talk to Jeremy Taylor, a CNC machinist, and programmer. Jeremy has designed and manufactured components for everything from cake decorators to aerospace companies. He recently launched his own company called Defiant CNC, which focuses on providing machine shops with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system customized to meet their needs, using Airtable of course.

Kevin S Lin, Thence Founder

After over 5 years at AWS, Amazon Web Services, Kevin set-off on his own to help others get the most out of their cloud-based systems. His company, Thence, aims to help businesses put scalable systems in place, reduce costs, and make sense of “the cloud”.

Jonathan Bowen, Airtable Developer

On today’s episode of BuiltOnAir, we (digitally) travel overseas to chat with Jonathan Bowen. Jonathan is an Airtable developer and consultant boasting over 20 years of experience in technology, the past 13 of which have been focused on web apps and e-commerce development. His company, DragonDrop (a creative play on words - get it, drag and drop?), helps clients build Airtable bases to manage all sorts of workflows.

Melanie Magdalena, Digital Consultant

In this episode, I speak with Melanie Magdalena: scientist, creator, web-designer, developer, and self-proclaimed unicorn. Melanie works with nonprofits and entrepreneurs to simplify their workflows using no code solutions.

Ash Forrest, Artist Techie

Say hello to Ash Forrest, a freelance artist and from St. Louis, MO on BuiltOnAir this week. Ash is a photographer, artist and marketer who has brought together each world into a great blend of creativity and function. She’s a livestreamer and community builder that has adopted Airtable into many personal and professional uses, and shares some of her best creations here.

Alli Alosa, Fine Arts Turned Data Developer

On this week’s episode we have Alli Alosa on the podcast. Alli lives in New England where her primary work is with a family-owned truck dealership. Although her training in college was more in the fine arts, she’s been enjoying working with family doing advertising and marketing. Her most recent work with Airtable has helped the business consolidate their policies and practices across the board, and make all their work more streamlined.

Sam Davyson, Airportal Creator

In this episode, we speak with Sam Davyson, creator of an upcoming app called Airportal. Sam is a developer who has a passion for enabling amazing customer experiences that don’t involve writing code. Airportal is a platform that Sam and his team developed to solve many of the issues that Airtable users are facing today involving advanced permissions levels.

Vix Meldrew, Social Content and Traffic Influencer

Say hi to Vix Meldrew from the UK on this episode as she gives a look into her work as an influencer in the social media world. She uses Airtable to streamline her personal publishing schedule, and shares the best templates with her audience to help them organize their own social media and content projects.

Patrick Ford, University Media Developer

This week we welcome Patrick Ford, a media developer in the maker space at Anderson University in South Carolina. His work there involves designing learning experiences for their students and faculty, and helping them integrate technology into their education.

Kamille Parks, Urban Planner

Kamille Parks hails from Los Angeles, California as an urban planner at the architecture firm Gruen Associates. Her work involves ideation and planning for historical and transportation projects all throughout the city. Although Kamille works on various projects at a time, and often those projects take years to complete, this episode we get a great look at what an average day looks like for her, and how Airtable plays a role in making it happen.

Lanie Lamarre, Systems Therapist

Welcome to Season 3! This first episode we get to hear from Lanie Lamarre, an upbeat data specialist who excels at helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get organized. Lanie has made a name online as “Miss GSD,” and specializes in helping online creatives make data, systems and operations fun in their work.

Nat Eliason, Founder of Growth Machine

This week we welcome on the show Nat Eliason, founder of Growth Machine. Nat was a blogger, app developer and digital nomad for years before creating his current company. Now he uses Airtable internally to help businesses master their content strategy and development on any subject or market segment.

Anton Preisinger, Non-profit Founder

Si hi this episode to Anton Preisinger, founder and director of Northwest Hospitality. Anton lives and operates his non-profit from Washington state, and shares his story on the episode, then showcases the extensive database he developed to run all the tracking and operations that has made their service so effective.

Robert DeLanghe, Creative Polymath

Welcome Robert DeLanghe from Brookln, NY to the podcast this week! Robert uses Airtable to build out various projects and tools from his experiences and interests in a wide variety of subjects including the arts, data, design, manufacturing, coding, and more.

Remy Margerum, CFO of Nomad Goods

Say hello this week to Remy Margerum from Santa Barbara, CA. As a key player of Nomad Goods, Remy has built an impressive Airtable database to manage the myriad of possible online orders for cases, cables, and other gear on their own e-commerce website as well as via wholesale channels.

Vincent Tang, Airtable Super-Producer

Vincent Tang hails from Orlando, Florida, as an e-commerce product manager and workflow specialist. He works for a company that builds and designs restaurants, and uses both work and free time to build Airtable apps and databases for a huge variety of use cases, from franchise development to non-profit data organization.

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